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Linking Cyber and Physical Spaces

Nov 28 2014

We have just published a new paper in  Computers, Environment and Urban Systems entitled “Linking Cyber and Physical Spaces Through Community Detection And Clustering in Social Media Feeds“. In the paper we explore how geosocial media is providing us with  a new social communication avenue and a novel source of geosocial information.   In particular, […]

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Triangulating Social Multimedia Content for Event Localization

Sep 12 2014

As regular visitors will know, we have been developing our ability to collect and analyze social media. To this end we have just received word from Transactions in GIS that our paper entitled “Triangulating Social Multimedia Content for Event Localization using Flickr and Twitter” has just been accepted. Below is the abstract from the paper: […]

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Social Media and the Emergence of Open-Source Geospatial Intelligence

Apr 04 2014

Recently the USGIF published a book entitled “Human Geography: Socio-Cultural Dynamics and Global Security” in which we have a chapter called “Social Media and the Emergence of Open-Source Geospatial Intelligence“. This book has been some  time in the making. Below is the abstract for our chapter: The emergence of social media has provided the public […]

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Comparing the spatial characteristics cyber and physical communities

Mar 07 2014

Readers of the blog know that we have an interest in social media, and how through it we can gain an understanding of society at large. The question is how does the cyber community reflect the corresponding physical community? To this end, papers from 6th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Location-Based Social Networks which was […]

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Demarcating New Boundaries: Mapping Virtual Polycentric Communities through Social Media Content

The proliferation of social media has led to the emergence of a new type of geospatial information that defies the conventions of authoritative or volunteered geographic information, yet can be harvested to reveal unique and dynamic information about people and their activities.