gauge_gpxWho We Are

The GeoSocial Gauge brings together social media and geographical analysis to monitor and explore people’s views, reactions, and interactions through space and time.

The GeoSocial Gauge has been developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers from George Mason University. It takes advantage of the emergence of social media to observe the human landscape as the living, breathing organism that it is: we can witness the explosion-like dissemination of information within a society, or the clusters of individuals who share common opinions or attitudes, and map the locations of these clusters. This is an unprecedented development that broadens drastically our understanding of the way that people act, react to events, and interact with each other and with their environment. We refer to this novel approach to study the integration of geography and society as GeoSocial Analysis.

Our Twitter handle is @geosocialmason and our YouTube channel is GeoInt@Mason